Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DKP systems

Well, instead of talking about the upcoming changes and worrying over how the 3.2 patch is going to change my healing life, I have been thinking about DKP systems. Every guild has a different method of distributing loot to raiders. Each guild is supported by ensuring those raiders continue to recieve gear to further the progression into the raiding content. I have been in several different guilds that use dkp and some that just random everything.

I personally like the DKP system my current guild is using. It does have draw backs and is not perfect by any means; however, once you master the concepts, attaining gear becomes as easy as attending the raid. The one thing I like about Uldar content, is that there is enough variety for each type, tank, dps, healer, to keep people obtaining gear even 6 weeks later. While, we have seen the Idol of the Crying Wind enough to shard it on sight now, the fact remains that every
Druid has it now. And as time wears on building
off-spec sets is becoming easier. I see this because my overall gear score is putting me in the top 20 on the server for Druids, top 5 for

So while the debate rages about patch notes and testing changes, ole Fenrous is going to sit back and remember a time before Druids had Innervate, a time when we had to spec into Innervate, a time when it was useless, and now a time for healing.

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