Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Uldar 25 Man (First Day)

Well our Uldar 25 man run went very well last night, run report linked. We downed the First 6 bosses on the first night. This is a new record for us and we have downed all of the bosses that we normally would down in a week on the first night. I am not sure which bosses we are going to attempt on Thursday, but we should be getting into TIER pieces this week. WAY ahead of schedule if you ask me.

So now that I have settled down some, and easing into the Nourish / Rejuvenation mentality for Raid healing, I decided to put a chart together on how my healing is working out. I have moved up from a solid 5th place on the healing charts to third place overall. I am pretty satisfied with the solid performance. So here is the chart.
My thoughts are, 1) I am sticking to my healing philosophy, which is what I contribute the success to. 2) I am using Vuhdo and SmartBuff to cast all of my spells. I think that being comfortable with the configuration of these two addons is what has increased my healing output. 3) Because of my button layout and concerted effort on the philosophy, I can heal albeit slower without any addons.

As for the game plan here is what I am currently doing:
1) Rejuvenation / Nourish combination, if you get a spot heal you get both
2) Regrowth / Lifebloom combination, if your my tank/target you get both with the bloom to help cover the deficit.
3) Wild Growth, I am popping this onto my tank target as much as it is up, which 90% of the time also catches the MELEE DPSers, so it is a win - win
4) Swiftmend is reserved for my tank/target, if its up and your less than 50%, your getting it.
5) Nature's Swiftness / Healing Touch, I am only using this in an "Oh Crap moment", I am also measuring how many of those I think I had during a run and comparing the number.
6) Health stones, I am seeing more frequent use of these for myself and trying to remember to save the mana instead of healing myself if it is up. (Its a work in progress)
7) I am trying to Innervate early (~50% mana), use a Mana Injector in the middle of the fight (~25% mana), and Innervate late, if needed. So far, I haven't had the mana issues I was expecting, but I think me also setting up the healing is going to contribute to this as well.

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