Thursday, June 25, 2009

Now with LARGER Graphs

Well, I was looking over the trending in healing again this morning, in preparation for the inevitable badge run and feeding frenzy that I am sure to participate in. When I noticed that my graphs were a little small in the last post, so I decided I would make it bigger.

After a little further thinking about it, maybe I should share with you how I got to this nice looking graph. First, it is done in MS Excel 2007.

Second, I took the raw summary report directly from WWS reports. I typically like to have two reports laid on top of each other. One report that is overall, the entire run. The second one is a report that is jsut defeated bosses. All of the trash pulls, and the deaths along the way, while they factor into the progression, really don't factor esaily into useable data. You simply can't measure how effective each 30 second slice fo the fight is easily. If you could, charting DPS ramping up and healing through put would be all USEFUL information.

Third, okay so now that I got the data from the two reports, I dump them into Excel, and then chart. I can see that my spot healing is dead on, with both Rejuvenation and Nourish at 21%. Wild Growth is a lot higher, but I am healing 5 people most of the time with it. Followed by my concentration on my tank / target healing at Regrowth 17% / Lifebloom 11%. I am a little puzzled by why Lifebloom is a good 6% below Regrowth; however when I look at my Hit/HoT counts, I am using Lifebloom significantly less. There is no doubt about it. I am also glyphed for Regrowth / Nourish / Swiftmend, so I am sure that is also inflating the healing numbers as well. Lastly, is all the stuff that I use in emergencies and "oh crap" moments. Luckily, 5 total moments, over 7 bosses, with 13 Swiftmend applications. I think those stats are right spot on target. Might consider using Swiftmend a bit more for instant healing; however, that would require letting the tank/target drop below 90% health, which is something I try to avoid.

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