Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Uldar 25 Man (First Day)

In our Uldar 25 man from 6/16, I wasn't the only healing tree. Sydia was also with us as well. I noticed that Sydia, whom I have not run with before, relied on regrowth spam as his primary heal with rolling Lifeblooms. Sydia also spent a lot of time lying on the ground, thus reducing his effective healing, which leaves me wondering how effective the time he spent healing was and what caused him to die so much, as the tanks never lost agro on their targets. I suppose the only explanation would be that Sydia simply didn't know the fights and insisted on standing nearly on top of his healing target. I did notice that overall, Sydia's healing did heal more per tick, regrowth (5029/4595), lifebloom (8332/7881), rejunvenation (1978/2026), and nourish (4412/5011). So judging by these numbers, he is using his heals that are bigger for him, and I am using my heals that are bigger for me. The only other thing that really stood out for me is that I used Swiftmend 13 times while he used it once. Thanks for the mana regen nerf and nerfing lifebloom Blizzard.

So, I am also hoping that I get a chance to run with Sydia again this week, so I can get another chance to compare build/healing preferences side by side again.

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