Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PUGs that go Bad mmm'kay

Heroic Occulus

Fenrous (2206) recently went on a Heroic Occulus run with several of the Members of Testosterpwn. you know it starts like any other run, do we have a tank, has everyone been there before, etc. Now these guys did not sound very awe inspiring but I have been in worse groups. But then again I did not run the group through a PUG Checker either. So we begin, the Tank Howdie (1618) can't get agro from all of the mobs, bad druid. DPS is all over the place and finally, we get through the initial pulls and to the first boss after 25 minutes. Down the first boss pretty easy, but we cant seem to get to the second bosses platform and die along the way, 53gold worth of deaths for me.

So now we have swapped our DPS warrior Darradin for a Boomkin Floridaman (1219). Now it is about this time we try the first pull of the second boss Varos and wipe where Staticlight (822) starts complaining that I am only healing the tank. Well here is the WWS report. I mean if you don't know the boss fights and your melee, use your LAY OF HANDS when your not smart enough to get out of the lightning field. So I bailed on the group to go to the doctors. I had 2 hours to run this instance and they couldn't do it and wanted to blame healing. Makes me want to club baby seals.

Sorry KAOINT (1069) not grouping again with anyone from your guild without a Pug Check before hand.

P.S. As an axiom to this rant come to find out Draklite has had the same problem with this guild.
*Number in parens is WoW-Heros equipment score

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