Monday, June 15, 2009

Druid Blogs

Well, as you can well imagine, I spend a lot of time reading other blogs. Nerf this Druid has come up with a list of Ultimate Uldar Loot List for Trees and I am smitten with her work. Very through and much appreciated. Thanks to Restokin for the link and a summary of Tree healer loot. It was a pleasant read.

But you know it was this Druid Healing 101 that I got the most information from. It is interesting to me to read how other druids are healing thier raids and then contrast it to my own tendencies and play styles. There are so few healing druids on my server, that I get tells from people all the time asking me to heal their Heroic this or their achievement attempts, because there are so few of us that are good at it. In my recent experience, I have only ever had the pleasure of playing with one (1) other healing tree and it was on a VOA 25 run, let alone ever analyze how they did it (it was before I found out about WWS). So I am finding that reading others struggles and triumphs help me figure out how I need to be progressing my healing. So go have a read.

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