Friday, June 19, 2009

Uldar 25 Man (Second Day)

Well we made some nice strides in our raid progression, downing two (2) new boss encounters on Heroic mode. Our Uldar 25 seems to be growing and people are starting to get excited. So the only boss that we downed that we consistently do is Auriaya. I rather like the encounter, but I also received my Phaelia's Vestments of the Sprouting Seed. It was hard to remove my Valorous Dreamwalker Robe but as I had no other Tier 7.5 Gear, the raw stats of the Vestments made it a rather easy choice.

I also seemed to be having a rather excellent healing night, having arrived at third on the healing chart. BTW, the healing and DPS charts are only reviewed after a run and not during. So either everything is clicking or it is not. Thursday night, I just seemed to be in the groove. However, I am also a lot more confident after continual reviewing of what I am doing and seeing steady improvements. My overall over-healing is also going down significantly.

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