Monday, June 22, 2009

Old School Runs

Recently our Guild did a "naked" Scarlet Monastery run. The idea was for everyone to start out naked and then only use equipment that was picked up out of the Instance. The groups were formed into 5 man teams randomly, which means a couple of groups did not have healers. Welcome to farming silk for bandages, anyway the goal was the first team to complete all 4 wings of SM won 400 gold.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to the timing, but it did make me a little nostalgic for my 60 days. So I dusted off the Feralheart Rainment and my Wildheart Rainment and took some pictures of me in my just barely raiding days of early 60dom. Love that Staff of Rampant Regrowth was awesome back in the day.

So now that I only collected 5 of 8 Tier 1 Cenarion Vestments, 3 out of 8 Tier 2 Stormrage Rainment, I was wondering if anyone else was also going back and collecting those old dungeon sets, including Tier 4 and Tier 5.

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  1. THAT sounds like so much fun. If you are really close with your guild.. that just sounds like a blast! I wish my guild would do that. Sorry you missed it though. =/

    I see you are a pack rat too. lol I tend to hold on to things that have absolutely no value other than memories in my bank.