Monday, July 6, 2009

Status Updates

Well, it seems that over this past holiday weekend, I got a lot accomplished. I ran Heroics till I dropped. Some good groups, some bad groups, one group resulting in a resounding harrassment across several characters.

So, I have two thoughts today: First, does your healing change from Raid 10 to Raid 25 mans? and Secondly, what do you do for cases of cross-toon harrassment?

On the first point, I know my healing strategies do not change from Raid 10 to Raid 25 or Heroic / Dungeons. It just seems that I do MORE raid / party healing as the the numbers decrease. I know I am WAY over geared for Heroics. My heal rate is hovering around 1500 HTPS, simply because the tanks rarely take more than 5% damage. I even going so far to go into all melee Heroic groups. Here is the sample from a recent Uldar 10. Nourish is most used, we were taking heavy tank damage, followed by the expected distribution of spells.

On the second point, I am truely disappointed by bad sportsmanship. Like people telling me to STFU when we are trying to get Heroic Achievements and they cant be bothered to read the achievement text. Of course, I hearthed out before the boss fight amongst an assailment of "your dps sucks" comments, which landed that idiot on my ignore / report as spam rotation. Then as if that isnt enough, he logs onto another Toon to continue the verbal assault, because apparently everyone else dropped out of the group once the HEALER left. Yes, I can be a prick, but I dont have to play with you. SO ENFERISM / ENFER, enjoy explaining yourself and your 72 hour harrassment ban, you earned it buddy. So I am wondering how other people deal with foul mouthed insulting pea brain idiots in World fo Warcraft?

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