Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Real Life

Well unfortunately, real life has a way of opening up a rain cloud of nails onto you sometimes. I havent gotten to play much as my dad was recently (7/20/09) taken to the hospital after suffering a stroke on Sunday night. I am not sure at the moment how this is going to affect me; but I am hoping that it gives me a chance to blog some to distract me from the harshness of reality.

It seems wierd to me as it is always me laying in the hospital bed and my dad coming to take care of me. Well it would appear not this time. While I pray he is going to be okay, doubt claws at the back of my mind. How I wish there was a rejevenation spell or a rebirth that could be so easily cast to fix the problem. Ah well, well I enjoy the non-existant cast timer. maybe some fruits will be seen.

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