Friday, July 31, 2009

Hoting and You

Well its back to the swing of things and the joyous return of myself to raiding. I was happy to be getting back on Fenrous healing. Apparently they were also happy to see me return, they saved me a healing spot on the Ulduar 10 runs. So we downed some bosses on Hard Mode, followed by wiping all of the Keepers out of the Raid lockout this period. So, as I was enjoying two nights in a row of steller performance rocking healing, I got to see a whole bunch of content that previously was unexplorered. A whole lot of it was stand here, move there, heal while running, yadda yadda yadda, then last night we hit GENERAL VEZAX.

So, now I am trying to figure out a healing strategy that will work for my play style that doesnt involve me going insane from the lack of mana regen.

So, my brainstorms include going OLD SCHOOL on the raid and saving mana by reducing the healing spells down to just Nourish and Rejuvenation, and breaking out the bandages for the ranged DPS, just like we use to down in Zul Grub as scrubs. So I am reviewing videos and thinking that having 80+ bandages that I still carry around with me is going to be an interesting report since I NEVER use them on my Druid. Sure on my Mage, my Rogue, hell even occasionally my Priest. I have been unfortunate enough not to be able to pick up a second Tier 8 piece for the two (2) peice bonus; however, I do have enough hit to be hit capped on my Moonkin Spec gear now. WOOT, and I also crossed over 4400 achievement points putting my Horde Mage below Fenrous in achievements now.

So come on Sunday so we can down Vezax and Yogg, time for me to go watch some YouTube videos of people killing these bosses.


  1. I really recommend stepping into melee range and letting your OoC work for you to get mana back, for the General Vezax fight :) my top heals on Vezax, even hardmode, are: lifebloom, rejuv, regrowth. I've gotten to a point where I ignore vapor puddles altogether!

    When OoC procs, use it to cast lifebloom for free. Then, when it blooms, you just got a free 14% base mana gifted to you! You can use the refunds to maintain control over your mana as you keep up rejuv/regrowth. You can stack up the LB's to 3 as you get procs, but always be sure to let them bloom before rolling the stack with a fourth proc. It's very RNG dependant as you rely on the procs, but it's very mana efficient. Use rejuv and regrowth to round out around the lifeblooms, and then use nourish/swiftmend/NS+HT only if really necessary (depending on other healers and your tank!).

    Your living seed will help as your blooms crit :)

  2. Thanks Kae, I didn't see your comments until just now. Let me tell you what youc an see on a couple of the REALLY long tries where Vezax was downed to 10% - 20%,

    First, 3 Person HEALING Rotation on the main tank. Each person was responsible for a section of the healing. Using Bandages, Rejuvenation, and Nourish, I did see a LONG term sustainable healing threshold. As in, clear cast and lifebloom during clear casting, followed by rejuvenation and nourish sparingly. Of course, I ran out of mana. Our tank died whenever he failed to shield wall during the heavy attack periods, and if the interrupts were missed with the AOE blast, we died. So out of like 10 attempts, we did not down him, and on the second to last attempt we got him down to 10% because, I was in melee range. I was auto attacking the boss and healing the tank, and I USED THE CRAP out of bandages.

    Now, the bad news for me is that, well No Potions, No Inervate, No Gem Procs, No Trinket Procs restored mana. So I was thinking about Regemming / Changing Helms to the gem that procs 200 mana, and using a trinket that also procs 500 mana. Just to see if they would work. Also, it looks like RIPTIDE does work.