Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3.2 Patch and New Content

Well I did not waste any time getting into a 5 Man group for the new content. I was pleasantly suprised at the difficulty level for a "normal" mode 5 man instance. It is short enough to make you want to run the instance every day. The gear that dropped was excellent for a begining feral druid build or rogue, but for me not so much. After the 5 Man run, we turned it onto Heroic Trial of the Champion and gave it another
whirl. Again, pleasantly suprised at the healing difficulty. Make sure you have either a co-ordinated team or a good AOE tank, missing either and you will die some; however, We easily defeated most of the bosses once every one got the hang of fighting on horses, then group up, then spread out. I was in a team with two (2) hunters that kept taking agro from the tank and stood too far apart to effectivly use Wild Growth.

I got a trinket that chance restores 500 mana, and first in my mind is, "I wonder if this will work on Vezax and Yogg." So something new to try.

AS FOR BADGES, I am happy and saddened by the dropping of just Conquest badges for Heroics, 10 mans, and 25 Mans. Everyone has no excuse to have poor gear now. Run some heroics that become overly easy at this point. As for me, I know that Gear Score alone doesnt account for ability.

I think I have found a way to measure effective healing vs. efficent healing so here is the first graph of Total Healing / (Hits + Dots). I have left off the Heal / Mana over TotalCoE.

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