Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Been A While

Well it has been a little while since I last posted, mostly due to real life issues and my frustration at using a resource like WWS and not having it work after the most recent patch. :( But also because, well to be frank, I haven't really been that willing to play.

I think it is because the guild I am in is struggling right now. See there are enough of us that play that 10 man instances can be cleared in a night leaving people on the sidelines waiting for a spot, but not enough of us that we are not Pugging several spots, 9 on Tuesday. Now I am not saying every Pugger is a bad player, NOR that everyone in my guild is an A++ player either, but it just seems that we have issues when we have to pug. Now, I personally have Pug LOTS of 5 man heroic dungeons, sometimes they click and sometimes they don't; however, because I normally heal, we rarely have issues with staying alive these days (average item level of 225 has a lot to do with that). So I am not saying that negatively. Anyway, the guild struggling is wearing on people and of course demoralizing the members. It is like the game looses it's appeal and fun until something grabs you and draws you back. I was reading about another Tree discovering an honest to goodness new player and that changed her outlook.
I guess that is what I am looking for as well. I am looking for that WoW moment that enchanted me, like the ability to transform from a Night Elf Druid to a Bear for the first time. Or, the feeling of wonder running around the starting area of Teldrassil, hearing the music and being WoWed at the enviroment. Of course, maybe I will wake up and realise that Healing really is my life and I only DPS because I am running solo.

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