Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Restarting Toons

Well as you may be aware of or may not be aware, restarting your WoW toons is tough.  You see, I started a Druid named Cebon, then restarted a Druid to play with friends named Fenrous, then moved to a Blood Elf Mage named Cywyn, and now back to Fenrous.  I am continually frustrated by the non-completness now that I ahve on two different servers, especially when if I combine achievments i would be near the 5K mark.  So what does that mean for me, lots of time spent doing older content between raiding.  Well at least the moneys good.

1 comment:

  1. One of my biggest issues I have with leveling two characters on two different servers is like you said.. the non-completeness. It seems like everytime I log into one character there is something I want from the other.

    Companions for instance.. if only they were all on one character. OR even better! On both characters! Instance achievements, PvP achievements.. all make me want to /facepalm every so often when I think "If I just had one character this whole time..."