Friday, May 15, 2009

Naxx 25 Heroic Mode

Well, I have just completed my first tour of duty last night as a healer for Naxxaramas 25.  I got several complements on my healing capabilities having arrived at 4th overall and only 300 points behind the average at 1300.  I personally am interested in reworking some of my talents or settling down with what appears to be a suitable healing objective.

Raid healing now is completely different than what I have done on Fenrous before.  The original raid strategies were pretty simple, keep rejuvenation and supplement with healing touches according to how much damage the tank had missing.  It prevent a large amount of overheals and worked pretty good for keeping the tank alive.  Well that is of course all preBC.  Before, I would rarely toss a rejuv on anyone other than the tanks, and between casts would bandage the ranged dps that was hurt standing around me.  I am wondering now what would be said i if I did similar on one of our Naxx runs.

Anyway, here is my struggle, having only recently dinged 80, there is a good chunk of my gear that just isnt performing as well as I need it to.  Twice last night, while main tank healing, I would be watching my rotating stacks, keeping wild growth, lifebloom, rejuvenation, and regrowth up on the main tank, applying refreshes as needed to keep them rolling and the tank would be 1 shoted right out from underneath me at nearly max health.  I tried to make it a point to keep the tanks above 80% across the raid, which proved to be outside of my capabilities; however, just wasnt able to keep up with the damage coming in.  I wasnt really running out of mana nor was I having to use my Innervate excessively.  It was always up when I felt I needed more mana; however, just the amount of healing that was coming out seemed a little low to me.

So, I am working on identifying if it is simply a Druid Talent build issue or if I just do not have enough spell power that I am looking for in my healing output. So, I am left wondering about my talent builds and playing around with Rawr to answer my question about output.  I have also just recently learned how to output for WWS so my raid sessions are going to be looking up now.

For my first Naxx 25 man run on Fenrous, we did really well, full clear in a little less than 5 hours, all wings and all bosses.  We did not complete any heroic achievements, but having only laid down in 2 raid wipes and doing the Haegan dance, I am feeling pretty confident on future runs and being an asset and not a liability on the run.
Updated / Enchanted WoW-Heroes Score 1877

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