Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blasting from the Past

Well, I have been kind of busy, but I did manage to get a few dozen runs in.  I am a little miffed at the fact that I do not have healing or blasting information form numerous Heroic runs, because unbeknownst to me, the CombatLog is turned off every time you rez.  I did however get a few dozen runs in, HEY ME.  

So this is the combat log from Uldar 10 run on Wednesday night.  I got to fill in for Rjuna whom was out. After this run, I got a confirmed healer spot for this week.  

Our "August Knights" Naxx 25 run on Thursday night, we had a lot of missing people including a main tank and the main raid leader.  

Heroic Runs on Friday morning, which we went form one Heroic to the next included, Utgarde Keep, Nexus, Azjol-Nerub, and Violet Hold.  More Heroic Runs on Friday afternoon, Culling of Stratholme, 2 attempts at Eye of Eternity followed by a Heroic Halls of Stone which bugged out on us. 

Try at getting some stats in on AQ 20 Sunday, but doesnt look like I got much from our run. 

My partial Heroic Utgarde Pinacle run stats from Monday morning. Unfortunately, I don't have the rest of the runs from Monday nor do I have the Heroic Halls of Lightning I got to run as a Moonkin.  But I did get a few Heroic Achievements for the runs.

So all in all a busy, yet prosperous 4 day weekend of World of Warcraft and Heroic Runs.  I also managed to complete my Feralheart Set quests as well. I know it is about useless, but hey it was fun to solo now and quite a remarkable accomplishment.  I also finished up my Ironforge Champion and now working on my Exodar Valiant for Argent Tournament.  And completed all of the Storm Peaks quests, which lead me to Honored with Sons of Hodir faction. And as if to say I was slacking, I also made Exhalted with the Kalu'ak faction and Darnassus. Whew, what a busy 4 days.  I raked in almost 140 achievement points over this past weekend.  So, with Uldar 10 Red tonight, I am ready to heal some butt.

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